Marilyn Monroe's finest on-screen moments

Marilyn Monroe's finest on-screen moments

The screen icon is the subject of a retrospective season at the Filmhouse

Some Like it Hot (1959)

From a wide angle shot the camera closes in on Monroe’s singer Sugar Kane as she trills ‘Just you, and nobody else but you’ and we get a load of THAT DRESS. The ‘naked dress’ as the get-up became known as, ensured Billy Wilder’s already controversial comedy wasn’t approved by the pre-certification Production Code. Her incredible sex appeal ensured the film became a hit anyway.

All About Eve (1950)

‘A graduate of the Copacabana School of Dramatic Art’ is how George Sanders’ sardonic critic introduces Monroe’s wannabe actress Miss Caswell to Bette Davis’ equally mordant star of the stage in Joseph L Mankiewicz’s acerbic look at theatre life. In just over a minute Monroe gets to utter three fine comic retorts to Sanders’ droll remarks before he points her in the direction of an influential producer, leaving her to turn on her charms and exit stage right.

Monkey Business (1952)

Stealing a scene from Cary Grant is no mean feat, but Monroe effortlessly snatches the one in which they first meet in Howard Hawks’ screwball comedy. His stuffy research chemist is waiting to meet the boss of her dumb secretary when Monroe flashes a shapely leg and announces she’s wearing a pair of the ladder-proof plastic stockings he invented.