Rough Cuts

  • The List
  • 17 October 2006

Film news and giveaways for beautiful cineaste types

Don’t miss an early chance to see new Edinburgh-based feature film Night People. The film is actually not released until 3 November, but there will be a screening at Filmhouse, Edinburgh on Tuesday 31 October as part of the Reel 2006 season of recent Scottish and Irish cinema. Set on a cold October night, Night People takes a journey across the city, introducing a cast of five characters for whom there will be no sleep. According to The List’s beloved former editor Alan Morrison, Night People is something of a gem.

It all seems to be happening in Edinburgh this fortnight with Reel 2006 and the superb Africa in Motion season (, but don’t forget that this is also Black History Month and there are screenings at the GFT of the brilliant but deeply worrying documentary Empire of Africa detailing the many atrocities of Sierra Leone’s recent civil war and a blinding Josephine Baker double bill. Check and

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