Berwick Upon Tweed Film & Media Festival 2012 features work by Mark Cousins and the late Chris Marker

Berwick Upon Tweed Film & Media Festival

Hélène Chatelain in Chris Maker's 1962 masterpiece La Jetée

Celebration will explore relationship between the moving and still image and showcase artists who work across film and photography

Let's cast a downwards glance at Berwick-Upon-Tweed, the northernmost town of England. Border wars have been fought over it, the last time it belonged to Scotland men still wore acorn hats, fur trimmed doublets and hosen. But let's still embrace its yearly annual celebration of the art of film, now in its eighth year. It is after all only a short train journey away. This year's festival agenda is to explore the relationship between the moving and still image, showcasing artists who work across film and photography. Here's your starter for five.

La Jetée

RIP the mighty photographer, filmmaker, essayist and multimedia artist Chris Marker who died in July this year. His 1962 masterwork La Jetée is the powerhouse of photomontage, conceptual filmmaking, the film that all other invocations of apocalyptic time travelling sci-fi feed from. The festival will mark the film's 50th anniversary with a rare 35mm film presentation of the film alongside Benjamin Villaverde's mockumentary Le Futur.

Maltings Cinema, Sat 22 Sep, 6pm.

Blow-Up in Pictures

A tribute to Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 counter cultural thriller Blow Up in a newly opened gallery that's home to the work of artist Ian Stephenson, whose paintings feature in Antonioni's film.

Berwick Watchtower, throughout the festival.

Boy, Boy on Bike and Boy in Landscape

Looped short film triptych by Duane Hopkins’ the director of Better Things: one of the best British films of the last few years.

The Magazine, throughout the festival

What is This Film Called Love?

New feature from Mark Cousins, the creator of The Story of Film. A very personal contemplation of Sergei Eisenstein's walking tour of Mexico City.

Maltings Cinema, Sat 22 Sep, 7.30pm.

Chasing Ice

The festival's opening night gala is cinematographer and filmmaker Jeff Orlowski's documentary record of National Geographic photographer James Balog as he chronicles the melting of glaciers around the world through time-lapse photography.

Maltings Cinema, Wed 19 Sep, 7pm.

Berwick Upon Tweed Film & Media Festival runs from Wed 19 – Sun 23 Sep.

Le Futur - Trailer

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