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Top five harmless TV and film aliens

In honour of Arches' Alien War, we name our five favourite friendly extra terrestrials

Top five harmless TV and film aliens


The home-phoning shortarse wouldn’t cut it in the Arches’ terror-filled catacombs. But his torch-finger would be handy.


Also short, also friendly, also uses initials for a name (Alien Life Form). Also stupendously un-scary. We love you anyway, fella.


Rainbow braces and finger-drinking are hardly the stuff of nightmares, are they?

Marvin the Martian

Now we’re cooking – this one wants to destroy the Earth. Consistently foiled by talking rabbit, though. Useless.


Short of stature, wonky of grammar, absolute beast with a light saber. Unless you ignore the prequels. Which you should.


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