Phantom of the Opera

An interesting choice of shape – surely it takes more effort to buy a whole mask and cut a bit out? Is your cheek that attractive?

MF Doom

Inspired by Marvel’s Dr Doom, the rapper’s mask has barely left his visage since he donned it in 1999. The oft-appended ‘MF’ stands for ‘Metal Face’, by the by.


Zorro’s eye-mask leaves half his face unconcealed and yet, much like Clark Kent’s glasses, seems to function perfectly as a method of disguise. Bizarre.


The Irish hip hop comedy duo both wear plastic carrier bags over their heads. Which is highly dangerous, and therefore slightly sexy. Kinda.

Daft Punk

Believe it or not, maskless pics of Daft Punk do exist online. They’re just a million years old and not as cool as robot faces.