The animation companies behind The Illusionist, The Ooglies and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The animation companies behind The Illusionist, The Ooglies and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Ink Digital, Ko-lik Films, Axis Animation, Red Kite and Show Them Pictures

When Pixar wants to tell a Scottish story, the world listens. But the global popularity of Princess Merida in Brave is only a small part of the story in terms of Scotland and animation. There’s a growing confidence, skill and expertise in the industry, from computer games to feature films, short-form children’s television and adverts.

Ink Digital

Bob Last and his company put Scotland on the global stage working with Sylvain Chomet for The Illusionist. Based on an idea by Jacques Tati, the Oscar-nominated film featured unforgettable animated views of old-world Edinburgh and the Scottish countryside.

Ko-lik Films

Partnering Ink Digital on projects, including forthcoming feature Out of the Woods, this Edinburgh company established itself as a household name with the one-off television specials Haunted Hogmanay and Glendogie Bogey. It also cracked the returnable television series with the Ooglies, the irreverent sight-gag show for children which is now on it’s third season for the BBC.

Axis Animation

Whatever the final consensus about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, few would dispute that the original xenomorph design for the aliens was a classic. So it was quite a dream come true for this Glasgow studio when it was approached by Uber and Sega to work on animation for video game Aliens: Colonial Marines. Recent work also includes the eye-popping live action advert for Street Fighter X Tekken, plus animated prequels for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch.

Red Kite

Established in 1997, this Edinburgh studio is in production with 26 episodes of children’s magazine Wendy, about a teenage show-jumper. It is establishing quite a name for itself in the world of children’s cartoons, notably through its work with Dennis and Gnasher, the popular characters based on the Beano comic.

Show Them Pictures

This specialist in using computer graphics and illustration to break new ground for animated projects won awards in 2010 for The Lost Book, an interactive web series written collaboratively with an online community.