De Bont and Cusack may not have the Stopping Power

  • 6 September 2007

A nation excited by the prospect of John Cusack doing the action thing for the first time since Con Air, may now have to return to their starting positions.

It would seem Cusack’s plans to team up with Jan De Bont and Jason Isaacs for the everyday tale of a father hunting his daughter’s kidnapper has been placed on the high shelf.

Stopping Power would also have seen Home and Away’s very own Melissa George continuing her clamber up the Hollywood staircase, but it is now all for naught after one of the movie’s heavyweight backers pulled out.

The good news is the next film on De Bont’s to-do list is the faintly ludicrous Meg, based on the hyperventilating novel of the same name.

It’s a simple tale of a giant prehistoric shark attempting to eat the world.

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