Predictable video game adaptation #713

  • 6 September 2007

At the very least the Joust movie will be odd, the news that a new live action version of Street Fighter is in the works just invokes a wave of crushing ennui.

Though it’s going to have to go some to be as appalling as the Jean-Claude Van Damme/Kylie Minogue starring 1994 version which all but destroyed the childhood of millions.

Andrezj Bartkowiak is in line to direct the potential farrago, while the script has been written by Justin Marks who will also treat us to He-Man courtesy of Warner Brothers.

There is some hope in that Bartkowiak brought Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Cradle to the Grave to our screens, which while utterly brainless were symphonies of violence.

Which is all you can ask really.

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