I am Iron Man

  • List.co.uk
  • 13 September 2007

It’s probably not within the remit of this lecture to get excited about a new teaser trailer, but to hell with all the ‘rules’ and what society ‘expects’.

Right kids?

Anyway, the latest internet leakery causing excitement on the intergeek highway is the brand spanking new trailer for Iron Man.

It really is worth a watch and has brought the comic reading/weak cordial drinking community to a near standstill.

There’s a lot of Batman Begins going on in there, leavened by the natural wit of Robert Downey Jr in the Tony Stark/iron clad supersonic war machine role.

This could, just could, join the Christian Bale dark knight tale in making comic adaptations almost acceptable in normal society.

Oh, it’s on http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/ironman/. Should you wish to have a gander.

Come on, it’s got Black Sabbath in the trailer.

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