Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell too messy for Dunst

  • List.co.uk
  • 14 September 2007

Johnny Borrell has spoken about his recent split with Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst, claiming his rock ‘n roll lifestyle signalled the end of their five-month romance.

The singer had briefly moved into Dunst’s north London home.

He said: “We were leading different lifestyles. It’s over. She believes in equality, that a bloke should chip in with the housework.

“Fair enough, but I’m messy.”

The Razorlight frontman said the Spiderman star couldn’t stand the smell of stale fags, beer and kebabs in her living room, adding “can’t say I blame her really”.

Perhaps Dunst had a lucky escape. Particularly after Borrell’s wooing technique was outed by the News of the World. The frontwoman with little-known group the Fabs claims she lost her virginity to Borrell four years ago - and told the tabloid all about it.

Faviola Getti, then 16-years-old, was so taken with his impression of Basil Fawlty - which incidentally was performed in just underpants - they “went all the way”. Borrell even uttered the immortal phrase “Oh my God, we’re soulmates!” before he sealed the deal.

Despite their close connection that night, Getti concludes: “After that Johnny became really famous and our relationship fizzled out.”

Just so happens the group has a single out on September 24 – it’s called I Lost My Virginity.

An incredible coincidence.

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