Hollywood film cameo up for auction

  • List.co.uk
  • 17 September 2007

Will Ferrell will auction a role in his new film Step Brothers over the internet to raise cash for a cancer charity.

The winner will join the Hollywood star - who has appeared in Blades of Glory and Stranger than Fiction - appearing on screen in a cameo role.

The online auction begins today (17/9) and will close on September 26. Proceeds will be donated to the Cancer for College foundation.

The charity was established by Craig Pollard, a university friend of the actor who survived Hodgkin’s disease twice as a teenager. He went on to set up the charity to provide college scholarships for cancer sufferers.

“What a perfect Christmas present for your son or daughter,” Ferrell was quoted as saying.

“It is the surefire way to win the parent of the year award. Support this amazing cause by buying them me.”

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