George Kuchar celebrated at 2013 Glasgow Film Festival

George Kuchar celebrated at 2013 Glasgow Film Festival

George Kuchar. Hold Me While I’m Naked

Screenings of films by "Warner Brothers of the underground" filmmaker

It’s hard to ignore an event titled 'A Laxative of Love for the Constipated Cinefile’. The line, taken from the dedication in the autobiography of filmmaking brothers George Kuchar and Mike Kuchar reads in full: 'Dedicated to every motley crew of no-budget blockusters [sic]: May the fruits of your labour continue to be a laxative of love for the constipated cinefile.' It sums up George Kuchar’s philosophy on filmmaking: subversive, low budget and with a wicked sense of humour.

Bronx filmmaker George Kuchar made over 200 films in his lifetime and became known for his camp style, B-movie homages and commitment to making work on a shoestring budget. He first begun capturing things on film with his twin brother when they were given an 8mm camera, aged 12, and went on to become part of the burgeoning underground filmmaking scene in New York in the 60s alongside Andy Warhol and Jonas Mekas.

Four of Kuchar’s early films, including arguable his most famous, Hold Me While I’m Naked, will show as part of Glasgow Short Film Festival on Saturday 9 February. A second event at Tramway on Thursday 21 February will show Kuchar’s Weather Diaries -- a series of first person videos documenting his annual trips to Oklahoma during tornado season. While not a household name like some of his fame-toting contemporaries, Kuchar was still an influential figure. In an interview with the New York Times, Hairspray director John Waters says of the Kuchar brothers: ‘They inspired four to five generations of militantly eccentric art fans. To me they were the Warner Brothers of the underground.’

George Kuchar: A Laxative of Love for the Constipated Cinefile, CCA, Glasgow, Sat 9 Feb; George Kuchar: Weather Diaries, Tramway, Glasgow, Thu 21 Feb.

George Kuchar: ‘A Laxative of Love for the Constipated Cinefile’

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