Star Trek secures an Uhura

  • 20 September 2007

The geek on the street will be turning weak cordial cartwheels at the news that JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie is continuing apace with its casting decisions.

The latest to sign up for the sort of revisionist/prequel/depressing remake is Zoe Saldana, who’ll be reprising the Nichelle Nichols role of Lt Uhura.

She was in the Tom Hanks stereotype-out-of-water thing The Terminal and will also be pitching up in James Cameron’s horribly complicated sounding Avatar which is due to be glistening in three dimensions come 2009.

Joining her in the movie set to hit our panting cinema screens on Christmas Day next year will be Heroes’ very own Sylar, Zachary Quinto and Alpha Dog’s Anton Yelchin.

Oh and Leonard Nimoy will be in it too, because you’re not allowed to do it without him.

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