Friday the 13th Pt 1297

  • 20 September 2007

The word on the Hollywood street is that next summer is going to see something of an industry strike – you know the ones where nobody makes movies in case the rest of the preening egotists get annoyed with them.

One of the consequences of this little brouhaha is that many a film is being fast-tracked into production which is why we are currently facing up to the fact that Friday the 13th is being remade.

With Rob Zombie’s remake of Hallowe’en having taught the world nothing, writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift are feverishly penning a script for the bloodbath-a-thon.

There’s some suggestion they’re attempting to turn the new film into a reprise of the first three in the anodyne franchise.

Which to my knowledge would just result in 90 minutes of flash-cut nubile teens, glistening blades, Mrs Voorhees, Jason and a young Kevin Bacon with an arrow through his neck.

Should be a belter.

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