Raime (live), part of Sonic Cineplex - The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 16 Feb (3 stars)

Raime (live), part of Sonic Cineplex - The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 16 Feb

A solid and engaging sound from the London duo, with disappointing visuals

Armed with one of 2012’s starkest releases, Quarter Turns Over a Living Line released on the uber-slick record label Blackest Ever Black and performances at last year's Unsound festival and London's South Bank, this London duo's post-industrial rehashing is akin to their British forefathers; reminiscent of Chris and Cosey at their gloomiest and Zoviet France at their most tangible. With some serious sub frequencies rumbling the main Arch tonight, Tom Halstead and Joe Andrew don't prat about when it comes to low-end and atmospherics. Performing away from the limelight, the primary focus of their Glasgow Film Festival set was their accompanying 42-minute long film made by London production company, Darkus Films.

Sadly, the visuals came across as a sub-standard Chris Cunningham type of affair, with over usage of high-framed slow-mo with some relatively corny, installation-styled moments involving underwater shots, fire and dragging a table around. A distraction to what was essentially a solid and engaging sound, their powerful set was somewhat hindered by the late night MTV2 vibes on screen. The film's most interesting moments were the slow pans and revealing zoom-outs from within an abandoned factory floor – but the location choice of an ‘industrial’ setting bordered on being obvious, and a missed opportunity – because Ramie’s live sound really deserves something a little more provocative.

Sonic Cineplex

The Arches becomes an alternative cineplex for the day with special screenings happening throughout the venue, including Jeff Mills playing a live score to Fritz Lang's Lady in the Moon (8.45pm, Mills also gives a talk at 5.30pm), Dieter Mobius of Kluster performing his live score to Lang's classic Metropolis (4.45pm);…


Experimental, industrial London duo.