Shazam, p’tang, yang, kipperbang and also the Rock

  • 27 September 2007

There is no reason for that headline other than the fact I have always wanted to reference that particular film and the Rock is going to be in the adaptation of Shazam!.

But the twist, the delicious twist, is that he’s going to allow the fans to choose whether he plays the goodie or the baddie.

Now, I’ve never met a fan of Shazam!, nor indeed have I ever heard of Shazam!, but apparently it’s about some character called Captain Marvel fighting the good fight against the dastardly Black Adam.

There’s also something about a wizard called, surprisingly, Shazam, and something about ancient Egyptians.

Anyway it all sounds very jolly and the viewers of MTV will be deciding whether the Rock plays Captain Marvel or Black Adam.

I voted for him to just give up and go home, but they said I was being mean and should sit quietly and take a look at my attitude.

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