The Punisher, third verse same as the first?

  • 27 September 2007

After Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane singularly failed to bring the charisma of the Punisher to the screen, Hollywood has decided to have another shot.

The Lundgren version was just ridiculous and the Jane incarnation was so unremittingly vicious that it was almost unwatchable, so we’ll have to see whether The Punisher: Warzone can actually find itself an audience.

Ray Stevenson, the man mountain with a heart of gold who played Titus Pullo in Rome, is inked to appear as the vengeful slayer of the world’s naughty men.

But the best news to come out of the production is that Dominic West has signed on to play Mafia hit person Jigsaw.

West is, of course Jimmy McNulty, in the Wire, which any dvd-o-phile will know is the simply the greatest thing to appear on television since Heinz Wolf and the Great Egg Race.

Oh and Wayne Knights in it as well, who you’ll know as the fat computer geek that gets munched by a prehistoric peacock cum death ostrich in Jurassic Park.

This could be good you know, but I went round babbling about how the Thomas Jane number was going to be ace and then nearly snapped my ankles through back-pedaling so fast.

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