X-Files 2 to baffle the world

  • List.co.uk
  • 27 September 2007

The X-Files went through a curious process of being compelling then enjoyable and then something you occasionally noticed until it ended up being all but incomprehensible.

So you’ll excuse my intransigence if I don’t lose control at the news we’re to be handed a sequel to the big screen adaptation.

The original film version was a baffling conglomeration of mystery black liquids, astronauts, torches that make a noise like a light-saber when shined round basements and bees, bees, thousands of bees.

Which may be why David Duchovny is refusing to reveal what the story is about this time. There’s only so many disparate nonsensical concepts a mind can take.

Anyway, it starts shooting in December, so you’re probably looking at an end of 2008 release I should think.

So enjoy that.

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