Misadventures in Wonderland: All Night Horror Madness

Misadvetures in Wonderland: All Night Horror Madness

Our columnist Alice, a self-confessed movie hater, attends a ten-hour film marathon

For God’s sake. There are two things I don’t do. One is eat cereal (because pouring milk on things that are crispy is disgusting) and the other is watch films. I’ve never got it. Owning a short attention span but never a DVD player hasn’t helped.

Although the fact that I’ve only ever watched about 20 films has now become a talking point, I’d like to point out that I have seen Showgirls six times and The Human Centipede twice. I cry just thinking about Forrest Gump, so in a way I felt I’d completed movies and didn’t need to watch any more. I also don’t like feeling scared.

On arriving at All Night Horror Madness at 11pm, I realised that it was more of a hoo-ha than I had anticipated. People had brought their own dinner to munch on while old-school trailers on the big screen whetted the crowd’s appetites. The ladies toilet queue was shorter than the worst-hotdog-in-the-world line, which reminded me of a time when the only use I had for the Cameo was when I lived round the corner with my first ever boyfriend and was too scared to shit in the flat when he was in.

Was I supposed to be reviewing these films? The first was about a man in a suede suit killing redhead prostitutes. The second was about a disease that turned Australians into bloodthirsty monkeys. (I’m guessing a bit with the next three because I lost my mind somewhere along the way.) There was one about a hospital where a puffy-nippled woman ran around screaming about her test results. Another was set in a hotel where everyone had an unlimited supply of acid dropped on them and I think the last one was about a wrestler who lived in a slum and where people were being brainwashed via TV. I don’t know because I was covered in Doritos and asleep under my coat by this point.

When it was done, everyone was looking rough, but that’s what an all-nighter of drinking warm beer, eating junk food and Citylink-level sleep will do to a person. Walking out into the cold light of day, the camaraderie and friendship we’d built during our shared night-long experience slowly dissolved and we turned back into strangers, staggering off into the sunrise and resembling most of the characters we’d just spent the last ten hours watching.

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