Ferrell cameo role goes for £23,000

  • List.co.uk
  • 28 September 2007

A cameo role in Will Ferrell’s new movie Step Brothers, which was auctioned for charity, has been landed by a 10-year-old boy after his father paid £23,300 for the part.

The bidder, who did not want to be named, said the auction was important to him personally as he had lost his mother to ovarian cancer.

The cash will go to a charity run by one of Ferrell’s university friends which offers scholarships to young people affected by cancer.

Craig Pollard set up the Cancer for College foundation after overcoming Hodgkin’s disease twice.

Ferrell will meet the winner and his son before they join him on set next month.

He said: “This money will help so many young people with their dreams of attending college.”

The film stars Ferrell and Adam McKay as two spoiled sons brought together when their singles parents marry each other.

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