Five reasons to go to the Italian Film Festival in Scotland 2013

Five reasons to go to the Italian Film Festival in Scotland 2013

SB: I Knew Him Well

Every Blessed Day, The Commander and the Stork and Piazza Fontana among the festival highlights

To celebrate its 20th edition, the Italian Film Festival’s co-director Richard Mowe picks his personal top 5 from this year’s line-up.

The Commander and the Stork

'This is by director Silvio Soldini, who has been to the festival a couple of times in the past. He also made Bread and Tulips, which was very popular when we showed it. We’ve been very supportive of him. It’s a magic realist film about the state of the Italian nation.'
Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Thu 18 Apr; GFT, Glasgow, Fri 19 Apr.

Every Blessed Day

'Another one by a director, Paolo Virzi, who’s been very important to the festival over the years. It’s a delightful romantic comedy, it was a big hit in Italy, and it helped establish its leading actor, Luca Marinelli, as one of Italy’s rising stars.'
DCA, Dundee, Fri 19 Apr.

The War of the Volcanoes

'This documentary looks at the relationship between Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman. It’s a fascinating documentary, and although it’s quite short it sets the scene very well for the screenings we’re doing of Rossellini’s Stromboli, which it’s showing with, and Fear and Journey to Italy.'
GFT, Glasgow, Wed 17 Apr.

Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy

'The Italian Film Festival wouldn’t be complete without a political thriller. We’re describing it as something complex, like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It begins with the bombing of the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura in Milan on 12 December 1969 and spins away from there.'
Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Fri 19 Apr; GFT, Glasgow, Sat 20 Apr.

S.B.: I Knew Him Well

'This is a documentary about Silvio Berlusconi. It doesn’t take the easy option of satirising him – but then Berlusconi is a satire in his own right. Co-directors Giacomo Durzi and Giovanni Fasanella have come to grips with him. They have uncovered all kinds of fascinating archive footage. It really does give an insight into him and shows that he’s not quite just this stupid figure of fun he’s often portrayed as.'
GFT, Glasgow, Thu 18 Apr; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Sat 20 Apr.

Italian Film Festival, various venues across Scotland, until 25 Apr.


S.B. I Know Him Well (trailer) // CINEPOLITICA 2013

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