Fuck for Forest (4 stars)

Fuck for Forest

Documentary about Berlin eco-warriors who make amateur porn films

Let's be clear: Fuck for Forest is a documentary about the titular Berlin-based environmental activists-cum-amateur porn makers and not a pornographic film in its own right. And despite there being quite a lot of flesh on display, Polish filmmaker Michael Marczak's doc is neither exploitative nor judgemental in its treatment of the small band of eco-porn warriors more palatably known as the FFF.

Opening in Bergen, Norway, Marczak follows new recruit and former horse-riding champion Danny to the FFF's headquarters in Berlin. There, we meet founders Tommy Hol Ellingsen and Leona Johanssen and their comrades, a colourful bunch of neo-hippies who dress in outlandish second-hand clothing (or parade about naked) and indulge in mind-expanding psychedelic drugs. They are also dedicated to saving the planet (specifically the Amazon rainforest), and have hit on the novel idea of financing their dream by making porn films and posting them on the internet. Much of the first half of Marczak's doc is given over to following the FFF as they wander about Berlin looking for other eco-minded and erotically-uninhibited individuals to join them unclothed in front of the camera. Hippy-dippy as this course of eco-action might seem, the FFF have actually raised a lot of money through the sale of sex.

It's very amusing stuff, but Marczak's film takes a turn for the more serious in the second half when the FFF gang take off for the Amazon ready to hand over a pile of cash to the unsuspecting local natives. What becomes painfully clear to Ellingsen and Johanssen and their troupe of do-gooders is there's no straightforward way to make their hard-earned cash work to save the environment. It's this unhappy revelation that gives the film a real sense of pathos and quite a bit of dramatic clout too.

Selected release from Fri 19 Apr.

Fuck for Forest

  • 4 stars
  • 2012
  • Poland, Germany
  • 1h 26min
  • 18
  • Directed by: Michal Marczak
  • Written by: Lukasz Grudzinski, Michal Marczak
  • Cast: Tommy Hol Ellingsen, Leona Johansson
  • UK release: 19 April 2013

Documentary about Berlin-based eco-porn activists Fuck for Forest, who make pay-per-view erotic films for the internet with the intention of using the money to save the rainforest. It's all very amusing until the group realises that it's not easy to make their cash do what they want, giving the film real pathos and…