UK Green Film Festival 2013 - Glasgow screenings

5 Reasons: UK Green Film Festival

Programme highlights include More than Honey, Promised Land and Trashed

Feed your conscience

So you’ve spent the whole winter with the central heating on full, the TV showing back-to-back Game of Thrones and the fridge stuffed with fruit flown in from Kenya. Necessary for survival, right? Perhaps not. Undo your ungreen deeds by seeing some films screened in the name of understanding the human impact on the environment.

Startling facts

One third of what we eat wouldn’t exist without bees, according to More than Honey, one of the four films showing at Glasgow Film Theatre as part of the festival. Who knows what other tasty factoids you’ll learn? Amuse your friends, confound your enemies and gain a new respect for our busy little insect friends, too.

Jeremy Irons talking rubbish

The Oscar-winning actor dons a floppy hat to pick his way across the planet’s biggest landfill sites in documentary Trashed, exposing just how much waste we’re pumping into our oceans, air and soil. If anyone can lend drama and gravitas to a moment when a seagull tucks into a batch of rotten sandwiches, it’s Jeremy.

Converging media

Part of the programme is Matt Damon’s Promised Land, which he has described as ‘the movie version’ of the new Bruce Springsteen album. See it and find out what on earth that actually means.

It really is green

The GFT has an ongoing commitment to environmental issues, with its own Green Blog and Industry Green certification. Watch a film and befriend the ice caps, all in one go.

UK Green Film Festival, GFT, Glasgow, Sat 1–Thu 6 Jun.

TRASHED trailer (2012) - Environmental documentary with Jeremy Irons

More Than Honey - Official Trailer

Promised Land Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Matt Damon Movie HD

UK Green Film Festival

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