I Am Curious Yellow/I Am Curious Blue (4 stars)

(18) 220min (2nd DVD retail)


A very welcome re-release of director Vilgot Sjöman’s seminal sexploitation movie. In 1966 Sjöman went to his producer and asked for 100,000 metres of black and white film and total freedom to make a film without a script. The result was two Swedish set films I am Curious (Yellow) and I am Curious (Blue) (the colours signify the Swedish flag). These Godardian, very frank explorations of one woman’s sexual adventures (Blue is actually just a more politically prescient re-edit of Yellow) are something of a minor joy in retrospect.

Dominated by Lena Nyman’s warm, ferocious and brave performance as the young drama student at the centre of things, her role seems to be to question everything from the state of socialism in Sweden (at the time) to the conditions necessary for sexual equality. It is an iconic performance, in an iconic and still very sexy film. Interesting extras tell this fascinating film’s backstory. Recommended for minor pervs.

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