The Ex (3 stars)

The Ex

(15) 90min (Icon/Rental)


Meet the Parents meets There’s Something About Mary with a bit of Garden State thrown in for good measure just about sums up the hardly original but often amusing latest Zach Braff vehicle.

Playing a husband who’s emotionally over-achieved, bagging a wife most of the people in the film think is out of his league, Braff’s Tom Riley and his better half, Sofia (Amanda Peet), leave New York after he loses his job as a chef, and she can no longer continue doing law work because she’s just given birth to a baby. Off they go to Ohio so that Tom can work for her dad (Charles Grodin) in an ad agency called Sunburst Communication, and to take orders from the wheelchair bound ex (Jason Bateman) who just might be psychotic. Directed by Jesse Peretz, the film has the over-lit gloss of a TV movie or a romantic comedy, but it does, at least, have half a dozen well-handled gags. Extras include featurette.

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