Five reasons to head to the Southside Film Festival

Five reasons to head to the Southside Film Festival

The Glasgow film fest does a great line in Scottish films and site-specific screenings

You can discover forgotten former cinemas
Glasgow’s Southside may be lacking in cinemas today but that hasn’t always been the case. Take a meander around the area’s architecturally-diverse former picturehouses on a walking tour with the knowledgeable folk from

It’s committed to Scottish cinema
By the time you read this, the festival will have already hosted an audience with John McKay, director of upcoming Karen Gillan romcom Not Another Happy Ending. There’s more in store though: their opening film is crowd-sourced Scot-doc We Are Northern Lights (pictured), while their closer is the Scottish BAFTA-winning Up There.

Site-specific screenings a go-go
The SFF programme is light on exclusives, but makes up for it in unique viewing experiences, including a screening of Gosford Park in the grandeur of Pollok House library followed by dinner in the servants’ quarters, and the squirm-inducing prospect of seeing dark British comedy Sightseers in a Scouts Hall.

The Glad Café
Remember that moment 10 years ago when Shawlands was poised to be Glasgow’s new West End? Seems like a mythical dream now, except for the existence of the Glad Café, a socially-conscious, multi-faceted arts venue/drinkery with atmosphere to spare. It already hosts an excellent film club under the SFF banner, so it’s a no-brainer that it should be the nerve centre for the Festival proper.

There’s a quiz
SFF’s organisers know that no film festival experience is complete without the opportunity to prove oneself in a battle of useless movie trivia. Just remember: winners don’t use smartphones. 

Southside Film Festival, various venues, Glasgow, Thu 16–Sun 19 May.

Southside Film Festival

A super-local festival that brings an eclectic programme of films and workshops to 'pop-up' cinemas in various venues.