Great Snakes! Doctor Who writer to pen Tintin trilogy

  • 3 October 2007

A writer for the new-look Doctor Who series has been snapped up to pen a Tintin movie trilogy.

Stephen Moffat will write the script for all three of the films.

Director Steven Spielberg, who has been trying to adapt Tintin for the big screen for more than 25 years, will make one of the films based on Herge’s books, while Peter Jackson will make another.

A third director is yet to be announced.

The British TV writer also counts the BBC’s adaptation of the Jekyll and Hyde story, starring James Nesbitt, and the comedy series Coupling among his success stories.

It will be his first experience writing for the silver screen.

Spielberg and Jackson have selected three of the 23 comic books for the trilogy, however DreamWorks has not revealed which ones.

The films will be created using the motion capture technology best known for bringing Gollum to life in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

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