Stopping Power proves worryingly apposite

  • 4 October 2007

There was some excitement at the announcement deadpan quirk-o-phile John Cusack was going to be starring in a new Jan De Bont action movie going by the name of Stopping Power.

Sadly that excitement must now be replaced in its box and nonchalantly booted under the sofa bed, for the film is no more.

There had been rumours, indeed I wittered about them some weeks ago, that things were not rosy but now it’s official, the main backer has pulled out, it’s all gone horribly wrong and everyone is looking very silly.

So we might all weep at the loss of what was surely going to be the film of the decade let us have a brief synopsis of a film you, me and Rivaldo will never see.

John Cusack’s daughter gets kidnapped by nasty Jason Isaacs and he has to get her back, in real-time, using the power to stop.

Oh well, it was going to be rubbish anyway.

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