Remake bandwagon rumbles hideously onwards, crushes The Brood

  • 4 October 2007

The latest horror movie to capture Hollywood’s increasingly unimaginative eye would appear to be David Cronenberg’s The Brood.

Not content with destroying Hallowe’en and thrusting a utterly pointless Friday the 13th rehash into our slack jawed faces, the good people of Burbank are going to ‘reimagine’ the 1979 shocker.

The Canadian body-horror maestro’s movie centres on a psychiatric hospital, one particular patient and a shower of odd children – oh and Oliver Reed, who presumably won’t be in the remake.

It seems a rather odd choice since The Brood isn’t even that good, what’s wrong with Shivers or Videodrome?

Of course they could have had a go at Scanners if there weren’t already a gajillion dreadful sequels sucking the very marrow from the psychic health of the world.

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