Remake bandwagon rumbles hideously onwards, crushes The Brood


The latest horror movie to capture Hollywood’s increasingly unimaginative eye would appear to be David Cronenberg’s The Brood.

Not content with destroying Hallowe’en and thrusting a utterly pointless Friday the 13th rehash into our slack jawed faces, the good people of Burbank are going to ‘reimagine’ the 1979 shocker.

The Canadian body-horror maestro’s movie centres on a psychiatric hospital, one particular patient and a shower of odd children – oh and Oliver Reed, who presumably won’t be in the remake.

It seems a rather odd choice since The Brood isn’t even that good, what’s wrong with Shivers or Videodrome?

Of course they could have had a go at Scanners if there weren’t already a gajillion dreadful sequels sucking the very marrow from the psychic health of the world.


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