Rome star dons hat of justice for Solomon Kane

  • 4 October 2007

Heavily-oiled Rome star James Purefoy is to star in a trilogy of movies adapted from the Solomon Kane stories.

You really can’t have enough films about 16th century soldiers who struggle to fight the good fight after discovering their actions have damned them to the very fires of hell.

I know I like to watch at least one every three days.

Deathwatch’s Michael J Bassett is in the director’s chair for this one and has been holding forth on the whole kerfuffle.

He said these things: “Kane is a dark hero who has faced terrible things and turned to God for redemption and guidance. He sees himself as a righter-of-wrongs but is conflicted by a growing realisation that he might be a force for evil as well as good. James Purefoy understands this duality and I know he’ll bring a really powerful and intense heroism to the screen. He’s perfect for the role – and the fact he’s devilishly handsome doesn’t hurt either.”

Devilishly handsome? I’d have gone with insufferably smug myself, but there we go.

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