Karate you have to be Kidding

  • List.co.uk
  • 4 October 2007

I know I go on about remakes and reimaginings with almost stultifying regularity, but sometimes you are simply left mouth agape and right knee shaking by the audacity, the raw-boned impertinence, of Hollywood.

So, anyway, they’re remaking Karate Kid - that’s right, bleeding Karate Kid.

But it gets worse. They’ve got Will Smith’s son, Jaden, lined up to play Daniel.

He’s nine. NINE

This would all appear to have come about because Will Smith’s Overbook Entertainment is producing the god awful mess.

Well if that’s the way we’re playing it, why not just get the kid to play Harry Lime in a remake of The Third Man.

Yes, he’d be great in that.

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