Eddie Murphy jumps the shark for Starship Dave

  • List.co.uk
  • 4 October 2007

Sometimes I like to play a little game, the rules are fairly simply, you just close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to remember when Eddie Murphy last made a good film.

So far my record is 14 hours and 32 minutes when I briefly recalled Bowfinger.

Now we can revel in the news that the former decentish stand-up has teamed up once more with the director of the hideous Norbit, not once but twice.

First off the blocks is Starship Dave, a simple tale of a man who turns out to be a spaceship piloted by tiny aliens. A common occurrence in many households as winter draws in.

Then we can all look forward to A Thousand Words, the high concept of which is that Eddie discovers he only has one thousand words left before he dies.

We can only hope that some of them are “I’m so terribly, terribly sorry”.

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