Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013: Day planner

Edinburgh Film Festival 2013: Day planner

Paris Countdown

List film editor Gail Tolley guides you through the highlights of the 2013 EIFF programme

Thu 20 Jun

Days of Grace

A violent, adrenaline-fuelled drama from Mexico that follows the police, criminals and hostages involved in a series of kidnappings during successive World Cup seasons.
Cineworld, 6.05pm; also screening on Cineworld, Sun 23 Jun, 8.55pm.

The Deep

From Baltasar Kormakur (Jar City, 101 Reykjavik) comes this heart-stopping true tale of a fisherman fighting for his life in the frozen seas off Iceland.
Cineworld, 8.40pm; also screening on Filmhouse, Fri 21 Jun, 6.10pm.

Paris Countdown

A high octane action flick about two nightclub owners having the worst night of their lives. Set to a pounding, clubland soundtrack. Perfect late night viewing.
Filmhouse, 22.30; also screening on Cineworld, Sat 22 Jun, 12.15pm.

Fri 21 Jun

Stories We Tell

Filmmaker and actor Sarah Polley follows up last year’s Take this Waltz with this autobiographical documentary about her enigmatic mother, actress and casting agent Diane Polley.
Cineworld, 6.10pm; also screening on Cineworld, Sat 22 Jun, 3.45pm.

Sofia’s Last Ambulance

Bulgaria’s capital has only 13 ambulances. Filmmaker Ilian Metev follows the paramedics of one of these vehicles in this deeply moving snapshot of a city in crisis.
Cineworld, 8pm; also screening on Cineworld, Thu 20 Jun, 6.10pm.

The Constructors

From Kazakhstan comes this beautifully-realised black and white drama about a family racing to build a house before their land is confiscated.
Cineworld, 9.50pm; also screening on Cineworld, Sun 23 Jun, 7.45pm.

Sat 22 Jun


Dixie and Shell leave their small Welsh town for the dizzy heights of London in this British comedy, starring Martin Freeman and based on a cult YouTube series.
Cineworld, 2.40pm; also screening on Cineworld, Fri 21 Jun, 8.40pm.

The Obscured Histories and Silent Longings of Daguluan’s Children

Fans of last year’s focus on cinema from the Philippines should check out this portrait of life in a remote fishing village in the south of the country.
Filmhouse, 5.10pm; also screening Filmhouse, Sun 30 Jun, 8.50pm.

White Epilepsy

Expect something both deeply unsettling and aesthetically sublime from challenging French artist and filmmaker Philippe Grandrieux.
Filmhouse, 9.20pm; also screening Filmhouse, 21 Jun, 7.50pm.

Sun 23 Jun

Le ciel est a ous (The Woman who Dared)

A woman sets out to beat the long distance, female, solo flight record. From 1943, part of the Jean Gremillon retrospective.
Filmhouse, 12.40pm.

From Tehran to London

In the middle of the making of this film several prominent Iranian filmmakers were arrested, forcing director Mania Akbari to finish the project in the UK. A poetic look at women’s roles in the director’s homeland.
Filmhouse, 3pm; also showing Filmhouse, Sat 22 Jun, 8.15pm.

The Bling Ring

Emma Watson leaves her wand behind to star in this story of a group of spoilt teenagers who go on a crime spree in Hollywood.
Cineworld, 6.40pm; also screening Filmhouse, Sat 22 Jun, 8.30pm.

Mon 24 Jun

The Gorbals Story

One of the first realistic depictions of working class Glasgow, this adaptation of the 1946 play was a landmark in Scottish filmmaking.
Filmhouse, 3pm.

Jurassic Park 3D

Everyone’s favourite creature feature is given a new lease of life in IMAX 3D. A power cut at a new theme park leaves cloned dinosaurs on the loose, and Sam Neill and Laura Dern running for their lives.
Cineworld, 5.30pm.

Joy (Hara)

A contemporary Greek tragedy about a woman who kidnaps a new born baby from a hospital and who refuses to speak in her defence once she’s arrested.
Filmhouse, 8.30pm; also showing on Filmhouse, Tue 25 Jun, 6.30pm

Tue 25 Jun

The Edinburgh Film Guild Forsyth Hardy Lecture

Writer and industry expert Colin McArthur attempts to answer the question ‘What Kind of (Scottish) Film Culture Do We Want?’ in this hour long lecture looking at recent Scottish filmmaking.
Filmhouse, 1.45pm

We Steal Secrets. The Story of WikiLeaks

Oscar-winning documentary maker Alex Gibney’s new film delves deep into the world of Julian Assange and his band of politico-hackers.
Filmhouse, 6.10pm; also screening on Filmhouse, Wed 26 Jun, 8.20pm.

The Complex

From Hideo Nakata (Ring, Dark Water) comes this nerve-testing thriller of a student who moves into a new housing complex where all is not well.
Cineworld, 8.40pm; also screening on Cineworld, Sat 22 Jun, 9.45pm.

Wed 26 Jun

McLaren Animation 2

The best of British animation short films. Listen out for the voices of Bill Nighy and Hugh Bonneville and there’s the chance to vote for the winner of the McLaren prize.
Filmhouse, 4.45pm.

Lukas the Strange

A mystical work from the Philippines about a film crew who create a whirlwind of excitement when they arrive in a small town.
Filmhouse, 6.30pm; also screening on Filmhouse, Sun 30 Jun, 7pm.

Historic Centre

A portmanteau film inspired by the Portuguese city of Guimares and directed by leading European filmmakers Aki Kaurismaki, Pedro Costa, Victor Erice and 104-year-old Manoel de Oliveira.
Filmhouse, 8.30pm; also screening on Cineworld, Sat 22 Jun, 9.20pm.

Thu 27 Jun

The Surprise Movie

We can’t say much about this one other than it’s almost always a sell out. Last year’s film was Nick Cave violent abolition drama Lawless.
Cineworld and Filmhouse, 6.05pm.

The Great Hip Hop Hoax

Jeanie Finlay (Sound it Out) investigates how 2 Scottish guys managed to convince the world they were a Californian rap duo, even getting signed to a major label.
Cineworld, 8.50pm; also screening on Cineworld, Wed 26 Jun, 8.40pm and Odeon Wester Hailes, Fri 28 Jun, 8pm.

Outpost 3. Rise of the Spetsnaz
If you thought 2 films of Nazi zombies were enough, then you were obviously wrong. Lots of action and gore are on the cards for the third in this popular series.
Filmhouse, 11pm; also screening on Cineworld, Sat 29 Jun, 12.30.

Fri 28 Jun

Shorts. Interrogation, Rebellion, Subversion

Limited attention span? This is for you. Bite-sized stories about power struggles and political structures, from upcoming filmmakers from across the globe.
Filmhouse, 4.30pm


A war drama from South Korea about an attack on the island of Jeju in 1948. It won the World Cinema Dramatic Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
Cineworld, 6.15pm.

For Those in Peril

Straight from Cannes comes the much anticipated first feature from Fife director Paul Wright. It’s the story of a lone survivor of a fishing trip.
Cineworld, 8.45pm; also showing on Cineworld, Sat 29 Jun, 12.20pm.

Sat 29 Jun

Richard Williams. 80 animated years

The man who brought Roger Rabbit and the Pink Panther to life is welcomed to Edinburgh to talk about his life and career.
Filmhouse, 1.45pm.


A contemplative documentary about an Atlantic fishing trawler. A sensory feast at times abstract, visually stunning and revealing.
Cineworld, 2.40pm; also showing on Cineworld, Thu 27 Jun, 8.40pm.

A Story of Children and Film

If you loved Mark Cousins’ epic television series Story of Film make sure you don’t miss his latest work, a heartwarming journey into the history of children in cinema.
Filmhouse, 6.15pm; also showing on Filmhouse, Sat 22 Jun, 1pm.

Sun 30 Jun


An austere historic drama about a group of German immigrants during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1890s Canada, starring the excellent Nina Hoss.
Filmhouse, 2.30pm; also screening on Cineworld, Sat 29 Jun, 9.05pm.

Soylent Green

Science fiction classic from 1973, set in a dystopic future when pollution and civil disorder have taken over Earth. Showing as part of this year’s Richard Fleischer retrospective.
Filmhouse, 4.50pm

Not Another Happy Ending

The festival goes out with a bang with this Glasgow-set romcom starring Karen Gillan as a wordsmith struggling with writer’s block.
Festival Theatre, 8.45pm.

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