Bit early in the Star Trek universe for kung fu isn’t it?

  • 11 October 2007

Unless you’ve seen Chopper, that headline will mean nothing. If you have seen Chopper, it’ll remind you of the finest single line in film history.

All that wittering will eventually lead us to a point where I can reveal that Eric Bana has signed on to play the villain Nero in the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

Other than the name, we know nothing of this evil intergalactic fiend, though since it’s Star Trek he’ll more than likely be interminably dull.

I mean, who makes a self-aware Voyager satellite into a villain? Honestly, that ruined Star Trek the Motion Picture.

But I digress, the rumour was that Russell Crowe would be joining the cast of unknowns for the Star Trek origins flick but fortunately sense prevailed and someone pleasant was chosen instead.

Judging by his turn in Munich, Bana has more than got the acting chops necessary to drag this out of the mire.

And I can only apologise for using the phrase ‘acting chops’, I’ve been under a lot of pressure.

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