Golden Compass points the way

  • 11 October 2007

We’ve all been fooled by trailers before, I point you in the direction of both Godzilla and Spawn for mind-tearing evidence of this.

Both had hugely exciting trailers, both were the filmic equivalent of having a kidney removed by a crack-smoking lemur.

But the new trailer for the Golden Compass that popped up online this week is really rather good.

The whole daemon thing seems to be working out rather well and the armoured bears are looking sensational.

It’s at should you wish to take a swatch.

In voicey news, Kristen Scott Thomas is providing the vocal talents for Lord Asriel’s daemon Stelmaria, Freddie Highmore is playing Lyra’s companion Pantalaimon and if that’s not Sir Ian McKellen as top armoured bear Iorek Byrnison I’m not a servant of the secret fire and you can pass whenever you like really, Flame of Udun.

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