Behind the scenes at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013

Behind the scenes at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013

The List talks to some of the people who help run the EIFF

We caught up with a few of the people working behind the scenes at the film festival and asked them about how the festival has changed, what makes their day and what keeps them going through the tough times.

What’s changed during your involvement in EIFF?

Niall Fulton, Senior Programmer: It is constantly evolving, each new Artistic Director bringing a new era with them.

Diane Henderson, Deputy Artistic Director: Apart from the massive shift when we moved from August to June in 2008, how much film industry activity and talent development work we now offer.

Graeme Davies, Head of Commercial: New initiatives giving our audiences the opportunity to be more involved with the Festival - the Student Critic’s Jury; the return of the Audience Award.

Give an example of a piece of news that could ruin your day.

Graeme: A no from a sponsor is disappointing.

Holly Daniel, Industry and Talent Development Manager: An ash cloud, a landslide - anything that stops our fabulous filmmakers and guests getting to Edinburgh!

Give an example of a piece of news that could make your day.

Niall: Securing a valuable title or guest is always very pleasing.

Ian Gardner, Animation Programmer: When a special event, like the Richard Williams celebration, is confirmed and the wheels roll into action to enable it.

Kim Knowles, Black Box Programmer: That the Black Box screenings have sold out

What do people get wrong about EIFF, or about film festivals in general?

Diane: The assumption that we're all trying to be Cannes.

Ian: Sometimes we get flack for not including a certain film. The reality is that there’s at least double the amount of great films available to screen than we have screen time for.

Describe how you’ll feel on Day 1.

Niall: Eager to welcome the guests, and present the programme.

Diane: Up on the ceiling and running on adrenaline.

Ian: Very excited.

Describe how you’ll feel on Day 12.

Diane: Still up there… until the Closing party ends... and then horizontal for 48 hours.

Graeme: We’ve got a new sponsor, Dewar’s Whisky, sponsoring our Closing Night Party – so I will HAVE to enjoy a wee dram at the end of the night!

Kim: A little raggy from too many late nights. Sad that it’s over and buzzing with new ideas for 2014.

What will keep you going in between?

Diane: The films, the audiences and the guests - and one or two white wines… oh and cake. Cake is good. Send Krispy Kremes.

Kim: Not the weather that’s for sure! The general buzz of the festival, the company of great filmmakers and an enthusiastic team.

If you could control everything about the Festival’s future, what major change would you make for 2014?

Diane: I would present us with a cheque for several million pounds.

Holly: I wouldn’t want to control everything about the future. Part of the beauty of film festivals is that you never know what’s going to come along next.

Graeme: Even more partners in 2014.

Edinburgh International Film Festival runs from Wed 19 Jun to Sun 30 Jun 2013.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

The oldest continually running film festival in the world, the EIFF draws on its prestige to consistently present abundant programmes of new features, documentaries, retrospectives, shorts, panel discussions and educational workshops, with a few high profile premieres thrown in for good measure.