Daddy Day Camp (1 star)

Daddy Day Camp

(PG) 88min


The indelible image of Cuba Gooding Jr enthusiastically ejaculating over Roger Moore’s face in 2003’s dismal comedy Boat Trip seemed to signal a new low in the one-time Academy Award-winner’s career trajectory. But somehow things get far worse in Daddy Day Camp, an unlovable sequel to the equally unlovable Daddy Day Care.

Taking over the role of dumbass father Charlie Hinton from Eddie Murphy, Gooding Jr sets out to organise an outdoor day camp for annoying children, a marginal plot-twist on his attempt to create a day-care service in the first film. Despite the bad childhood memories that Camp Driftwood holds for him, Charlie gamely plunges his savings into restoring the old place, and despite the bank’s suspicions of the camp’s financial viability, drills his wayward gang of kids into defeating rival Camp Canola and somehow saving the day. Directed by Fred Savage, star of The Wonder Years, Daddy Day Camp is cinematic excrement of the most putrid order, a nappy full of crude sentiment and bodily-fluid gags which falls well short of the barely-raised bar established by Cheaper By The Dozen, Are We There Yet? or any other avoidable series of kiddie pratfall comedies.

General release from Fri 19 Oct.

Daddy Day Camp

  • 1 star
  • 2007
  • US
  • 1h 28min
  • PG
  • Directed by: Fred Savage
  • Cast: Cuba Gooding, Jr, Lochlyn Munro, Richard Gant, Tamala Jones, Paul Rae, Brian Doyle-Murray

Unloveable sequel to the equally unlovable 'Daddy Day Care' which hails a new low in Gooding's career. Crude and sentimental, the film relies on bodily-fluid gags that fall well short of the barely-raised bar established by kiddie pratfall comedies such as 'Cheaper by the Dozen'.