Studio delays Kite Runner release to remove actors from Afghanistan

  • 18 October 2007

The release of a film about the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan has been put back over fears for the safety of the actors.

Studio Paramount Vantage took the decision to delay The Kite Runner fearing actors portraying the sexual abuse of one of the characters could be the victims of homophobic abuse.

The studio has delayed the film by six weeks, arranging for the families of three young Afghan actors to live abroad.

The author who wrote the book, Khaled Hosseini, applauded the decision claiming it ‘goes against whatever commercial wisdom there is’.

‘If the boys and their families think there is a reasonable risk of threat to them, then you have to take all of the steps that you can to make sure they are okay.’

The scene, he said, was pivotal to the story and would not be removed.

The Kite Runner will now be released on December 14 in the US.

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