MySpace casts ten for new Pegg film

  • 29 October 2007

A £1 million movie, dubbed the UK’s first user-generated feature film, has cast ten hopefuls after they auditioned on MySpace.

The romantic comedy Faintheart, which stars Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg, is based on the story of a sales assistant who takes part in Viking battle reenactments.

However, his passion for the Middles Ages gets him the boot from his wife – and he is forced to wage a war to win her back.

MySpace users also chose the film’s director Vito Rocco, after they viewed a short film he submitted online.

He said: ‘We’ve given cinema-goers and online users the first real opportunity to be part of the filmmaking process right the way through from script to seeing the results of their input up on the big screen.’

Actors Tim Healy, Paul Nichols and Anne Reid will star alongside Pegg.

Faintheart is being backed by Film4 and the UK Film Council and will be released next summer.

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