The Question: What's your favourite Scottish film location?

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  • 29 August 2013
The Question: What's your favourite Scottish film location?

Not Another Happy Ending

We asked our readers to share their favourite local film locations - here are their responses

My partner's childhood claim to fame as an extra in Women Talking Dirty = he gets taunted whenever we walk down The Mound!

Watching Sword of Honour (featuring Daniel Craig) and the flat we were in on Leslie Place was bombed by the Luftwaffe.

Juliet Tweedie
Kind of a terrible film, but Glasgow looked beautiful in Not Another Happy Ending!

I never walk down the Playfair Steps without thinking about Gerda Stevenson in Margaret Tait's Blue Black Permanent.

How about Cochrane Street just off George Square (Glasgow) for World War Z?

The Cameo cinema in French animation The Illusionist. Very odd when seeing it in the Cameo itself … I think I concentrated on the background more than what was happening in the foreground! Lovely film.

Laura Sutherland
Gardner Street, Partick in The Angels' Share.

Various bits of St Stephen's Street in Stockbridge and Calton Hill in ITV's North and South.

When I was a teenager a guy tried to get me back to his by saying his mum’s house was the Shallow Grave flat. #romance