Extraction (3 stars)

DVD review: Extraction

A low budget, memory-invading sci-fi that channels The Twilight Zone


In this low budget sci-fi, Sasha Roiz plays Tom, a scientist working on a revolutionary system allowing individuals to enter another person's memories; a technique allowing two linked users to dip into, explore and experience their recollections – with an obvious application being to enter the mind of an accused criminal to find out if they are actually guilty. However, during a test run on Anthony (Dominic Bogart), a junkie suspected of murder, Tom gets lost within his drug-ravaged mind, trapped in a computer glitch that he can't escape.

For his first feature, writer/director Nir Paniry has come up with a smart, well thought-out central concept that plays with theories of how memory works (and can be tricked) as Tom drifts through the past trying to latch onto the truth. It's not perfect, and stumbles a few times along the way, but the plot is worthy of, and often plays like, The Twilight Zone (though unfortunately the 80s reboot rather than the peerless 50s incarnation).