Magicians (3 stars)


A film written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb: it’s Peep Show The Movie, right? Well, not quite, though the script never asks the pair to shy too far away from their small screen personae of uptight posh one and dweeby semi-cool one, even in their new suits as a pair of talented but fragile magicians.

Harry and Karl play a seemingly inseparable illusionist duo who split up when a guillotine act goes horribly awry. Deciding never to talk to one another again, their paths cross at the International Magic Shield tournament, culminating in a tense finale as gory history threatens to repeat itself. Likeable and familiar as they are here, even Mitchell and Webb can’t pull any real laughs out of their hats with such a stale script and flat direction. Extras include a Making Of type featurette and some deservedly deleted scenes.

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