Steal This Movie (4 stars)

Steal This Movie

Woefully under-distributed on its initial release in 2000 Robert Greenwald’s fascinating biopic of Yippie founder and US political activist Abbie Hoffman will hopefully find an audience on DVD. In this engaging film, constructed as a series of flashbacks, Hoffman (played with wide-eyed relish by Vincent D’Onofrio) recalls a lifetime of civil disobedience in the name of the love peace and happiness hippie coda from an underground hideout later in his life.

As a portrait of otherness and freak beat dreams this deserves to stand by Milos Forman The People vs Larry Flynt and Paul Schrader’s Auto Focus. As a wake up call from a more playful, less apathetic age it is indispensable. Jeanne Garofalo, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Kevin Pollak give finely honed turns as assorted messengers of the counterculture cause. Minimal extras.

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