Autumn film preview 2013: The Selfish Giant

Autumn film preview 2013: The Selfish Giant

Clio Barnard's follow-up to her 2010 debut The Arbor is 'about the dangers of excluding children'

You probably remember if you saw Clio Barnard's remarkable debut The Arbor back in 2010. Unlike the identikit action flicks and romcoms that dominate the multiplex, Barnard’s hard-hitting and daring film seared the memories or those who saw it and marked the arrival of a major new talent. Part dramatisation, part documentary, it recreated the life of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar, who died tragically at the age of 29. More than anything the film stood out for its radical approach, in which actors lipsynced to original recordings of interviews with Dunbar’s family, creating a powerful portrait of how drama weaved its way through the playwright’s life.

Barnard’s follow up, The Selfish Giant, comes to UK cinemas this October and looks just as promising (it has already received rave reviews at Cannes). Based on a tale by Oscar Wilde, Barnard has described it as 'a story about the dangers of excluding children'. It’s set on an estate in the North of England and follows two marginalised teenage boys. That might sound an awful lot like numerous other gritty, British films but Barnard’s bold vision and sensitivity to her subject matter make this a far more intriguing prospect. For those who like their films to leave a mark, The Selfish Giant is undeniably one of this autumn's most exciting releases.

The Selfish Giant is released in cinemas from Fri 25 Oct.

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