Autumn film preview 2013: Top 5 rereleases

Autumn film preview 2013: Top 5 rereleases

Gone With The Wind, The Wicker Man and Plein Soleil among the best reissues this autumn

Gone With The Wind

Long before upstarts like Titanic and Avatar tried to claim the crown, Gone With The Wind was easily the most popular film ever made. The centenary of the birth of star Vivien Leigh provides the perfect excuse for a re-issue and reappraisal of this sprawling, multi-Oscar-winning Civil War romance.
Re-released from Fri 22 Nov.

The Wicker Man

An original print of cult Scottish horror The Wicker Man has become the holy grail for fans. A global search has finally unearthed a print in the Harvard Film Archives that includes extra scenes that were part of director Robin Hardy’s original vision. It restores the original timeline and story structure and has never previously been seen in the UK. Perfect timing for the 40th anniversary re-issue. 
Re-released from Fri 27 Sep.

Classe Tous Risques 

Claude Sautet would win renown as the director of delicate, emotional dramas like Un Coeur En Hiver, but this unjustly neglected 1960 thriller reveals an affinity with the flinty, hardboiled tales of Jean-Pierre Melville and Sam Fuller. Lino Ventura is a world-weary gangster running out of options as he discovers the limits of loyalty. A fresh-faced Jean-Paul Belmondo co-stars in a bleakly unsentimental tale of dishonour among thieves.
Re-released from Fri 13 Sep.

Plein Soleil

Alain Delon gives one of his best performances in this tense, sun-drenched adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr Ripley. Ridiculously handsome and effortlessly cool, Delon has all the ruthless charm of someone who could fool most of the people most of the time. Modern audiences will be treated to a beautiful restoration.
Re-released from Fri 30 Aug.

Nothing But A Man

Made 50 years ago, this low-budget production was groundbreaking in its honest, unpatronising depiction of black Americans struggling against the oppression and injustices of a racist nation. Ivan Dixon is the railroad worker who marries schoolteacher Abbey Lincoln and strives to create a decent family life. A true landmark of American independent cinema.
Re-released from Fri 27 Sep.