Schwarzenegger works backstage to end writers strike

  • 9 November 2007

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may be expected to call in some showbiz favours as he assumes a backstage role in ending the screenwriters strike.

The former actor, who made his name as the Terminator, is currently in discussions with the parties involved in an attempt to reduce the economic damage caused by the industrial action.

The effect on TV production is not expected to become obvious until early next year, when episodes filmed in advance dry up.

However popular thriller series 24 has postponed its seventh series for the duration of the strike.

Schwarzenegger said the fallout is bad news for the entire economy - not just those directly involved.

‘That’s the sad story, because the studio executives are not going to suffer, the union leaders are not going to suffer, the writers that are striking, they are not going to suffer.

‘Those are all people that have money.’

A Hollywood strike in 1988 lasted 22 weeks and cost the industry an estimated $500 million.

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