Last Passenger (3 stars)

Last Passenger

Gripping low budget action flick set on a runaway train, from debut director Omid Nooshin

Set on board a late night train, Omid Nooshin’s low budget action thriller follows a group of passengers as they find themselves speeding to near-certain death at the hands of a maniacal driver. The reason for their predicament is never revealed but the passengers, including a doctor (Dougray Scott) travelling with his son (Joshua Kaynama), an attractive love interest (Kara Tointon), a kindly grandmother (Lindsay Duncan), a loud-mouthed Underground worker (Iddo Goldberg) and an intolerant businessman (David Schofield), must work together to try and figure out a way off.

Taking its cues from the likes of Hitchcock and Spielberg’s Duel, Last Passenger is a surprisingly gripping directorial debut that places as much emphasis on character as it does spectacle, thereby largely overcoming the limitations of its meagre budget. By opting to spend time getting to know the characters during the film’s slightly pedestrian first third, Nooshin enables viewers to become invested in them. He also draws solid performances from his starry cast, the most impressive of which come from Scott and the fast-rising Goldberg (also of TV’s Peaky Blinders).

Nooshin succeeds in keeping things suitably tense throughout, throwing in a few decent set pieces without compromising the credibility of the situation, at least until a slightly overblown finale. Overall, this is a highly ambitious debut from Nooshin, who put up his own money to make a teaser trailer to attract the funding for the film. The director has grasped the subsequent opportunity with both hands and, on the evidence so far, looks to have a very promising future ahead of him.

Limited release from Fri 18 Oct.

Last Passenger

  • 3 stars
  • 2013
  • UK
  • 1h 33min
  • Directed by: Omid Nooshin
  • Cast: Dougray Scott, Kara Tointon, Iddo Goldberg
  • UK release: 11 October 2013

The passengers on a late-night London train are forced to cooperate when they find themselves speeding to near-certain death at the hands of a maniacal driver. Nooshin's ambitious but low-budget debut is surprisingly gripping, emphasising character as much as spectacle, with all-round solid performances, especially from…