Hitler – A Career (2 stars)

Hitler – A Career

(E) 150min

Hardly justifying a DVD release, this 1970s-made steady trot through Hitler’s rise and fall has the sanctimonious tone of an admonition. Joachim C Fest’s film is less a warning from history and more a sustained attack of Hitler’s one-dimensional failings. At every turn the film finds fault with the Führer – his inability to hold down a proper job, his egotism, his delusions, his recklessness – but a monster of Hitler’s magnitude requires more than this petit bourgeois moan. Consisting basically of a strident voiceover to mainly stock footage, the film rarely muses over Hitler’s capacity to hold a nation in thrall for as long as he did, and also barely hints at the Führer’s personal life. A disappointment.

(Odeon Entertainment DVD retail)

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