Someone Else (2 stars)

Someone Else

(15) 72min (Soda DVD rental/retail)


Watching dramas about women hunting for boyfriends is about as interesting as hearing your mum talk about her dreams – despite what those lurid celebrity magazines may claim. But when a British filmmaker – in this case Col Spector – twists the weary old cliché around and focuses on one man and his pursuit of a fulfilling relationship, one is compelled to pay attention.

Stephen Mangan, the donkey-faced sex pest from Green Wing, gives an admirably understated performance as 30-something photographer David, who leaves his lovely, stable girlfriend (Susan Lynch) for someone better (Lara Belmont), only for the younger model to do the same to him. Unfortunately – despite elegant London cinematography, perfectly good work from the cast and the odd moment of insight into men and their perplexing grass-is-greener problems – the ensuing story of his search for a girlfriend is just too plodding. Extras include a short film starting Keira Knightley and Mangan, plus commentary by the director and lead, and other behind the scenes footage.

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