Che Guevara As You Have Never Seen Him Before (4 stars)

Che Guevara As You Have Never Seen Him Before

(E) 50min (Network retail)


There’s a certain duplicity to the title of this Cuban effort from Manuel Perez Paredes. The story it tells of the life of the great Argentinean revolutionary, who was given Cuban nationality for his immense organisational hand in Castro’s revolution, is familiar enough. But where it does feel original is with its use of rare archive footage of Che himself, and the interviews with those who knew him.

The film examines its subject from his early and rather sickly childhood, on through his life as a motorcycle traveller through Latin America, where he became radicalised. The centrepiece is his role in the Cuban revolution, before it ends where it began, at his death in Bolivia. Perhaps just as fascinating as the film is the short documentaries added as extras, particularly one which interviews the three survivors of his final adventure. Their pursuit to the Chilean border by CIA backed fascist counter insurgents is a moving adventure tale in itself.

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